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Nested Forms in Rails

3 minute read

Nested Forms in Rails allow you to handle multiple models, including creating and saving attributes of different models, from a single form. A functional nes...

Dream Catcher: Sinatra App

1 minute read

Overview Dream Catcher is a CRUD, Model-View-Controller application using Sinatra. This app allows users to keep track of their dreams. The user can assign a...

Sinatra Dynamic Routes

1 minute read

Sinatra is a DSL (Domain Specific Language) that is used to create web applications by providing Ruby methods for handling HTTP requests. For example, Sinatr...

On Tap at Ithaca Beer Co

2 minute read

TL;DR When scraping a website, don’t make assumptions about another person’s code.

Begin at the Beginning

1 minute read

Two years ago I stumbled upon a course syllabus for an online web development certificate. Most of the syllabus content was jargon that I did not understand;...