women in tech

Begin at the Beginning

1 minute read

Two years ago I stumbled upon a course syllabus for an online web development certificate. Most of the syllabus content was jargon that I did not understand; however, a latent interest in technology began to stir in me. Two years had passed since I left my job as a research assistant in applied gerontology, and somewhere between living on a goat farm, driving from New York to California and back in a vintage motorhome, and working odd jobs, from a poultry farmhand to a brewery tour guide, I found myself to be a little lost.

The curiosity that emerged from my discovery of web development moved me to action. I did not fully understand what web development encompassed, and I was not eager to pay several thousand dollars to enroll in a certificate program at a university in order to find out. Instead, I purchased Udemy courses on full stack web development and read blogs on the same topic. My full stack path branched to learning about WordPress theme development. Within a year I was earning money as a freelance WordPress Developer.

I cannot tell you at what line of code it was, but within that year of self-learning, I began to find myself. I found myself through the perseverance required to convert a mockup into a responsive web page. I found myself in the satisfaction of creating websites that will help entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses. I found myself in the art and magic of code.

I decided to learn full stack web development for several reasons, such as the opportunity to change the world we share through the use of technology and, more pragmatically, to create a meaningful and successful livelihood. Ultimately, the greatest truth to my decision to learn fullstack web development is that the more I learn about coding the more coding reveals me to myself.