Anomalous Encounters

Anomalous Encounters JS (AEJS) Anomalous Encounters JS is an extension of an existing Rails project. The goal of this project was to add dynamic features to the existing Rails application through the use of JavaScript and a JSON API.

Anomalous Encounters JS is a public repository of extraterrestrial, supernatural, and unexplainable experiences. Built with Rails, AE is a database-backed web application that allows users to record individual encounters that are visible throughout the platform. Users must be logged in to create, edit or delete an encounter. User authentication is handled through the Devise gem with Google Oauth integration, which authenticates users’ accounts with their Google account.

  • Developed a Rails API backend with an endpoint for encounters
  • Implemented RESTful routing to create a scalable CRUD application
  • Applied OmniAuth for flexible authentication with Google
  • Utilized AJAX to dynamically render requests to API backend

Gallery of Anomalous Encounters routes
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